Saturday, May 26, 2012

Tallulah - The Super Model stand in.

So last week, we got a call from aunty Julia who works for Caramel. They were launching a line of dresses as part of a fundraising effort in conjunction with the charity Naked Heart foundation. with the Russian supermodel Natalia Vodianova. You know...

Her daughter was due to model the dress with her (which comes in a Mummy's size too aparently).
She couldn't and Aunty Julia knew just who to call. Our own little Super Model Tallulah Belle Harris.
(having already had a little taster last summer).  She had an amazing day getting Parazzi'd and having her make up and hair done, like a real supermodel, hanging out with Natalia (who was apparently lovely- true to her rags to riches story) she made Talllulah feel very comfortable in front of the camera's .... and best of all?......... it was a day off school. And the story appeared on lots of cool fashion blogs (tallulah has own one now too)

Paris, Milan, tokyo next...

here's some nice non- official shots we managed to grab.

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  1. So fabulous!
    Well done Tallulah, you'll be modelling for Paolo Reversi before you know it.

    And a hot new style blog! I'll have to subscribe.