Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Always using this with young teams...

I might get a framed one of these...

Every next young generation thinks it's their right to be right (about everything)
It has a lot to do with being 20 something...but there is a creative generation (within a lot of agencies we've passed through in the last 18 months) that believe they have all the answers to the brief, they always look in the same places, and never, for a second, think that being wrong, could lead them to being right. 

Ideas need to be robust to survive (never more so in todays media landscape) so make sure you do your research, beat it up a little, hey chuck it in the bin, then get it back out a day later and make it better.
All the cliche's it seems I was brought up on, have slowly ebbed away under a tidal wave of technology.

Applying someone else's technology IS NOT AN IDEA, there are a generation of creative students being brought up on 'The Tech' - not- 'The idea's'.

Learn to engage people with design, writing, charm, wit, sophistication, intellect... keep those core craft skills alive and they will serve you for the rest of your working days as everything, (including technology) moves on around you, 

Engage people with Whizz bang technology (I'm one of Whizz bang's biggest fans) but dont make it your idea.

And remember kids (and I'm talking directly to my own here, so excuse the condescending Dad tone), 

BE WRONG!!!.... and more importantly don't be scared to fail whether you end up being a creative type or not...