Wednesday, September 29, 2010

"fail to prepare, prepare to fail"

Last night we went for a tour of our first choice school, Southend
High for girls, it's amazing,

Eva loved it, and was suitably inspired by the well mannered
articulate pupils who showed us around.

Facilities are world class, no wonder half of Essex were there, we
enjoyed seeing the art, fashion block. Also their ICT suite's are full
of brand new mac's (so we spent a bit of time in there making
animation on them) design/technology block was brilliant and the
pupils were showing us cyberpets they had made from batteries and
circuit boards, awesome.

So, the 11+ exam next month,
Laura ( our tutor ) thinks Eva is as sharp as a pin and has been
sitting practise papers every week.. And Eva has been doin lots of
study on her own but it's all Practise, practise, as we keep saying,
there's no luck involved, just good preperation..

*very important*...

...but remember Eva, me and mummy are already so proud of everything
you've acheived in your little life already, whatever happens,
wherever you choose to go, you'll be just fine, a smart, kind, loving
girl who will fit in anywhere.

we'll love you always,darling.

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