Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Neat freak

There are levels of tidiness.
Very Tidy.
And Totally Deranged Tidy. (me)

Ursus Wehrli is in Category Three (with me)

He is a Swiss artist and comedian, who may or may not have an OCD problem.

Alphabet soup sorting is forgivable. Everybody has at least imagined doing this. But who, upon encountering a pine branch, would think to break it into sub-branches, and then separate and sort the needles? (Though it's kind of fascinating that the needle count on the two branch pairs are precisely equal.)

Ursus calls these photos exercises in "advanced tidying up."

Ursus Wehrli has been at this for a while. He has a couple of books called Tidying Up Art (Prestel Publishing, 2003) andMore Tidying Up Art (Scalo Publishing 2007), which tidy up the elements in famous paintings, 

I would like both for Christmas please…

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