Thursday, June 16, 2011

Pause Portraits

I've started another blog, which i'm trying to populate, It started out by constantly walking in the living room when someone had paused live Tv on I started taking pics of these people...I have no idea why...but Tumblr is great for these kind of visual scrapbook type ideas, so I'm gonna start another soon called 'What' and another called 'Washing up sculptures'..more on that later...

For now here's a 'Pause Portrait' sent in this week by Uncle Stuart, all the way from Streatham, London
(that''s him on the left on England Duty- I love the bloke accosting the girl on the other side though, the way his clasping his hands on his knee, sure sign of a nutter, and the guy bottom left who seems to have just poked himself in the eye)

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