Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Godfather Guest Post

Hiya Miss Tallulah...

That's a cute buba you got there.

Good idea to keep me updated via email (as I visit so little), so when you get time send me more.

It must be your birthday soon, If I remember correct :-?

It's been ages since I've seen you all so here's my update...

Bowling ( showing off my new teeth :-)

This is after I had been shot in the head at paint balling.


Here's me and my new girlfriend in the summer,
on a beach near Pool in the south West of England.You can see me in the window,
taking the photo.
Vanessa is from Sweden with Jamaican and German parents... 
Lucky she speaks English!

Me and Ash next to a big painting on a wall near where I live.

And here is a BIG spider that was on my window the other day!!!!!!
Don't be too scared, she was quiet friendly.

Promise I'll be up before Christmas to say hello.

(great post Mr Hills, we expect more of this and to see you very soon- with Vanessa- she looks lovely- daddy Harris)

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