Sunday, March 14, 2010


Hey it's Eva,
A few weeks ago me and my friends Elena and Catryn made a few movies on my ipod nano, some of them are really posed, whereas some of them literally go wrong. Elena is the baker Catryn is the customer and in some of them I'm the customer and Catryn is my dog (in most of them i'm filming.) Here are some of the videos hope you enjoy! LOL Eva Lottie xx

Blooper 1 Elena is the curly haired shortie. Catryn is the glasses. I'm the ponytail. This was a bit of an accident Violet stuffed plastic food into the teapot and we didn't know that we were just meant to drop the teapot but all the food came out.
Watch this one after you watch blooper 3 because it's a follow on.
Blooper 3 watch this one before you watch blooper 2.

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